About the Artist

As a lifelong Alaskan…

I strive to use the beauty of nature that I am surrounded by to inspire my creations. Through hammering, bending, shaping, heating, and enameling designs I create wearable art that captures the unique flair that we all have as individuals. 

It all started in fourth grade when I started designing beaded jewelry and duct tape hair bows that I sold at my school’s Christmas bazaar. I came up with the name Flair, with the tag line “what’s your flair?” and thus began Flair. Of course, my style has evolved since my duct tape hair bows, but somehow the name as stuck. My passion for jewelry has always been rooted in the idea that everyone has a uniqueness to them that sets them apart, and I hope that my jewelry can accentuate that awesome flair in everyone.

When I’m not designing jewelry…

You can usually find me climbing mountains, skiing, and most often times wearing a snow skirt. I find my greatest inspiration from the beautiful Alaskan nature, so I try to spend as much time in it as possible.

Flair is my creative outlet, my means of self-expression, and something that I hope to continue to grow. By supporting Flair, you are supporting my creative passions and my education as a college student. Thank you!

my home studio in Anchorage, Alaska

Let’s get in touch!

For any questions, comments, or custom order inquiries contact me at via email

email: flairbyabby@gmail.com

I also frequently respond to instagram DMs, if you’re not too much of an emailer.

instagram: @flair_jewelry

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